Review: skin care products, Roc

After the exams a couple weeks ago, my skin was a total disaster. The stress and probably the wrong products, caused an unfresh skin with a little bit of pimples and dry spots. So after using the same products for a while I was looking for something else. Only problem: I have a difficult skin. A sensitive one (plain with freckles) and a combination skin (an oily T-zone and dry cheeks). Not easy to find the right products for my skin. But then my mum saw products of Roc with price reduction at the pharmacy, and I thought 'Why not give it a try?'
I've been trying these products for a week now and I will give you my first review.

Step 1: energising cleansing mousse

The mousse is not really a mousse like the name does expect. It doesn't have a thick texture, but it's very light. A little bit of the product is enough for lots of foam. I love the smell of the mousse: fresh but not too perfumed.

Step 2: perfecting toner

The bottle with the toner has a small opening, so I have to shake three times with it before I have enough product to use. But that suffices. It's a strong product, because when I use too much of it my skin feels a little bit dry afterwards.

Step 3: 24h comfort hydrating cream

Last but not least, the hydrating cream to finish. One of the most important thing of a day cream is the texture: I can't stand too oily creams. This one feels great. Hydrating indeed, but it doesn't take long before my skin absorbs the cream. What I also like about it: it has a sun protecting factor (SPF 15). It's very important to protect your skin against the sun, especially like me when you have a sensitive skin. After using it, my skin feels very soft.

The look: Not the most important thing ofcourse, but I love the transparent follicle that is surround the products. It's very handy when you want to put these products in a suitcase or something.

My opinion:


  • The smell: I'm allergic to products with too much perfume and this one is just fine. I smell the scent when I use the products, but it evaporates very quick.
  • Products are alcohol free.
  • The mousse and hydrating cream.
  • The price: I payed 23 euros for all the products together. Not so expensive and worth the money. (But I had 50 % discount so normally it's 46 euros)


  • I don't have many comments, only the toner makes my skin a little bit dry. But that's also because I stopped using my night cream (he was too oily and I'm looking for a new one). So I only notice dry spots when I wake up and not during the day.
  • The price without discount.

So for now, I give an 8/10. In a couple of weeks I will give you my final review!
A last question: Do you know a nice night cream, not too oily and for a combination skin, I can use? 

4 opmerkingen:

  1. goede review! wil dit 3 stappen systeem wel is vergelijken met die van clinique


  2. Klinkt goed, vind het toch wel veel geld ervoor hoor!

    1. Inderdaad jammer dat de normale prijs zo duur is!



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