Poll: how do you love following blogs?

Because google friend connect isn't visable anymore on my blog since 1 march (damn you google!), I was wondering what network you prefer to follows blogs.
Please let me know by filling in the poll I created ( right sidebar) or just leave your comment here!

Thanks a lot!


Delicious coffee at OR Espressobar

Hello dear readers,

Sorry it's been a while since my latest post, but I've been so busy with school the last few weeks. One of the things I must do was interviewing an 'entrepreneur' (such a silly word in English haha). I chose for the coffee company OR that has it's own coffee-roasting house, shop and two espressobars. One in Ghent and another one in Brussels.
I study in Ghent myself and I love paying a visit to their espressobar. If you'll ever visit these beautiful Belgian cities I could definitely recommend you to drink a coffee at OR. It's such a cosy place and they make coffee with lots of love and knowledge.

One of their most popular coffee's is the 'Orrucchino'. A coffee based on espresso, vanilla syrup, steamed milk and a little bit of cinnamon ( = kaneel) to finish it.

Walpoortstraat 26 | 9000 Ghent
Auguste Ortsstraat 9 I | 1000 Brussels



Paris FW Fall 2012: See by Chloé

After New York, London and Milan the fashion circus has arrived at it's final stop: Paris. One of my favourite catwalkshows so far is 'See by Chloé'. I noticed that many designers chose for lots of dark and bombastic clothes, but I prefer the more sober designs. So speaking for myself 'See by Chloé' had the right balance between dark and light shades. Beautiful fall outfits, but still keeping it fresh.

I'm curious to know what the next fashionshows in Paris will bring!


DIY: glass jars and glitters

Yesterday I saw this DIY on Pinterest! It looks so pretty and it's totally not difficult to do. Just use a couple of empty glass jars, glue and glitters. Et voila: you've created beautiful sparkly tablescape!
More information you can find on the glitter guide.


Raf Simons's last collection for Jill Sander

One of the most talented Belgian Designers, Raf Simons, showed his last collection for Jill Sander at Milan Fashon Week. And what a collection it was! Feminine designs, beautiful materials and such elegant coats: yes, I pretty much liked everything about it. Simons received a standing ovation and got overwhelmed by emotion.

I'm so excited to know what he's next project will be. Rumour has it, he will be going to Dior. But it's still (as far as I know) not confirmed. Let's hope so! I think Dior will make magnificent collections with Raf Simons as creative director.


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