Wonderful Scandinavia

I'm a little bit intrigued by Scandinavia. Don't know why exactly, I've never been there, but it seem calm and peaceful countries, with beautiful highlands and stylish people. 
I think it must be pretty cool to spend the cold wintermonths over there in a log cabin, with an amazing view of a lake covered in snow, while you keep yourself warm with a mantelpiece. (Yes, I'm dreaming out loud)

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een leuke post! Ik ben deze zomer in Zweden geweest, het was echt fantastisch. Ik ben helemaal verliefd op Scandinavië en kan je daarom ook zeker adviseren er een keer heen te gaan!

  2. Super mooie foto's!
    Ik zou ook echt een keer naar Scandinavië willen :)

  3. i'm in to scandinavia too, so i totally know what you mean... love the pictures <3

  4. I have exactly the same thoughts about Scandinavia... I really want to go there as soon as possible! During the wintermonths definitely. Watching the northern lights... I think their nature scenery must be pretty awesome.




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